2012 Labels
LRFW 2011 Clothing Line of the Year
Laurie B. Allen - Pittsburgh

Feminine and elegant designed eveningwear for the young modern woman, Laurella uses a wide array of fabric textures and patterns that ignites interests.
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Hair/Make-up: The Salon Professional Academy

Jennifer Murphy and Amanda Stevens – Charlotte

A clothing line for young women in pursuit of one-of-a-kind pieces.

     Chavon Shree
Chavon Shree
Chavon Sewell- Fayetteville

Described as out of the box and eclectic, the Chavon Shree fashion label targets women who are daring that do not follow the rules, but instead make their own.
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     Chavon Shree
Christopher Youngstar
Christopher Youngstar- Little Rock

The south's premier artist transitions his artistic
expression of portraying a glimpse of beautiful movement
of life to painting model's bodies, making bold fashions statements.

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DecoRose Couture
L.A. Rose - Little Rock

High fashion line for women who desire elegant, sophisticated attire with a modern edge. DecoRose embraces fashion as wearable art.
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    Chavon Shree

Elena Arkhipova
Elena Arkhipova- Moscow, Russia

An elegant, classic woman's clothing line with interesting details for everyday wearing that reflects a woman's personality.
     Chavon Shree
Faye Leon
Kim Dixon – Washington, D.C. Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 Clothing Line of the Year
Formal attire for women whose sole purpose is to take their style to new heights in social settings.
      Christopher Youngstar
Aaliyah Fisher - Little Rock
Established by 14 year old Fisher, Grafetti is everyday wear for girls and teens who own a definitive sense of style.
   Christopher Youngstar
Hope E.
Hope Smith - Little Rock
An eclectic mix of vintage and modern styles to create ready to wear and couture fashions for young women.
   Christopher Youngstar
House of Blades
Alexis Blades – Los Angeles
A men and women clothing line that's inspired by silhouettes from the 20s, 30s, and 50s era married with unique details, colors with a whimsical touch.
   Christopher Youngstar
Ivy Rose
Cecelia Rosa – Conway
A classy meets sassy fashion label that provides young women a modern look with an edge. Ivy Rose utilizes diverse fabric textures, patterns, and colors.
   Christopher Youngstar
J Cole Fashions
Jacqueline M. Cole – Jacksonville
Designed for professional women, J Cole Fashions has classic silhouettes, is sexy, elegant, feminine, easy to wear and affordable.
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   Christopher Youngstar
Kelvin Haydon
Kelvin Haydon - Milwaukee
Luxurious, wearable couture fashion label for men and women that is timeless and posh.
Photographer | Andrew Daley/LRFW
   Christopher Youngstar
N'cholé Féroce
Sheila James Scott - Little Rock
The N'cholé Féroce (nik-O-lay Fah-rOsh) label is designed for the cool, confident, sexy yet professional, including plus sized, woman whose stylishness is effortless.   
   Christopher Youngstar
Osio Mita
Emalyia Scarelli – Little Rock
A blend of vintage essence and inspiration from the Hispanic culture, Osio Mita stands out due to its explicit detail and presentation. Racy and reserved, Osio Mita represents a high spirit and stimulating style.
   Christopher Youngstar
Ekaterina Reyes – Little Rock
Label by Russia native, RomePure is inspired by nature, current events, music and art. RomePure has an innovative twist that's eye catching and high quality.
   Christopher Youngstar
Splendid Fever
Wynika Smith - Atlanta
A combination of trendy meets classic; edgy meets sophistication, the Splendid Fever label compliments women from every walk of life that love originality and being fierce.  
   Christopher Youngstar