2013 Labels

Love R.O.C.S.
LRFW 2013 Clothing Line of the Year

Every day and couture fashions for the professional woman.
Visit Website | Photos by Angie Davis/LRFW

  Christopher Youngstar
B.M.E. Clothing
Little Rock
Urban fashion line for men who have individual swag. Clothes have artistic expression in each design.

     Chavon Shree
Little Rock

Every day wear clothing line for women ages 18-35 that has simplicity and edginess in its style.
     Chavon Shree

A clothing line for teens and young adults that mixes various colors and prints to create garments that are chic and unique.
Hope E.
Little Rock | Follow on Facebook

An eclectic mix of vintage and modern styles to create ready to wear and couture fashions for young women
    Chavon Shree

Jessiica Howell Fashions
Upscale female fashion line that’s comfortable, trendy, and affordable.
     Chavon Shree
Kelvin Haydon
LRFW 2012 Clothing Line of the Year
Established in 1991, it is inspired by old Hollywood. It’s a luxurious, wearable couture fashion label for men and women that is timeless and posh. | Photos by Angie Davis/LRFW
Little Rock
A versatile collection of sophisticated, with a subtle touch of sexiness, styled business and evening wear for women.
   Christopher Youngstar
Ms Smitty
Ms Smitty label is a sophisticated fashion line for young ladies and girls. Its slogan is “Always be classy.”
   Christopher Youngstar
Nicole McGehee Collection
Little Rock
Is a vintage style with often collaborations of urban and professional business wear. LRFW 2010 Clothing Line of the Year.
   Christopher Youngstar
Special Presentations
eStem Public Charter School
Mount Saint Mary Academy
Little Rock